Hawaii Island Goat Dairy



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Nestled off the beaten path in

Ahualoa, on the Big Island of

Hawaii, lies the Hawaii Island

Goat Dairy.  A farmstead goat

cheese operation established in

January 2001, the dairy is owned

and operated by Dick and

Heather Threlfall, and resides on

10 acres of retired macadamia

nut tree orchard.  The dairy

boasts a fully automated pipeline

milking system designed

exclusively for goats.  The herd

consists of several dairy goat

breeds, mainly Toggenburgs,

Nubians, Alpines, Saanens, and

various crosses.  The goats

range freely through several

rotational pastures, browsing on

tropical vegetation including,

bamboo, ti, ginger, macadamia

nut tree leaves, and pasture